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Our Mission

Our aim is to re-establish a wild, breeding population of white storks in the UK. Beloved in Europe, these charismatic birds can thrill and inspire. We hope they will become a symbol of rebirth in the UK, too, encouraging the restoration of our nature, and connecting us with communities across the continent to safeguard habitat and feeding grounds along migration routes.



What we do


Establishing breeding stork colonies in southern England to build a sustainable population that will, eventually, colonise elsewhere in the UK.

Habitat Restoration

Improving habitat for storks in our landscapes, benefitting wildlife and ecosystems across the board.

Community Engagement

Fostering awareness and understanding of stork conservation through talks, tours, collaborations, celebrations and campaigns.

Scientific Research and Monitoring

Building up scientific knowledge of stork behaviour, feeding, habitat and migration to aid future conservation.

Explore their World

Interactive Flight Map

Follow the journeys of our GPS-tagged storks as they migrate from their nesting sites in the UK to wintering grounds in continental Europe and as far as Morocco.

Live Cam Feed

 Dive into the daily lives of a pair of white storks at Knepp through our 24-hour live camera feed. Watch them nest-building, pair-bonding and bill-clattering and – hopefully – bringing up chicks to successfully fledge.


Browse our gallery of images and video clips from the White Stork Project, from the arrival of our ‘starter’ birds from Poland to our first successful nest, and those nerve-wracking moments of a fledgling’s first flight.

Latest News

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