Thirty-Seven White Storks Take Flight at Knepp

Yesterday we released our latest batch of thirty-seven young White Storks at Knepp. Thirty-three of these birds were hatched at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens earlier this summer, and for the first time this year were joined by four birds hatched at The Wildwood Trust in Kent. It’s very exciting to have Wildwood involved for the first time and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

As always, we are asking members of the public to submit sightings of White Storks through the reporting section of our website. All the project birds are ringed with a unique large blue Darvic ring on the upper left leg, these rings have white writing on starting with GB. Over 2,000 sightings of UK storks have been recorded from across the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain since releases began in 2019. This information is invaluable for learning about the movement and behaviours of these birds.

Stork release by Matt Phelps

Seven of the group have been fitted with specially designed GPS tags. These will transmit data on a regular basis so that we can follow their paths, in particular to find out if they stay in the UK or whether they migrate south for the winter.

We have seen from social media posts and the GPS data that many of the birds headed to the Brighton area, so keep your eyes peeled if you live round there!

Keep an eye on @ProjectStork social media and the news page of the website for updates on their travels

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